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        1) An election without geographic boundaries is utilitarianism but not democracy. It eliminates the voice of minorities and their rights of representation. The HK parliament shall conduct a census to understand the demography for electoral district distribution. Most democratic counties have electoral districts. For example, the US Senate is based on the state differences in vote distribution because each state represents its demographics based on its state constitution. The US President is not based on popular votes.

        2) Verifying voter identity without proper authentication is a risk to the integrity of the election. The way to verify a voter is through RFID or OCR,  Name, and Birthday. Since HKP does not generate passports or IDs, it is legally difficult to authenticate the identities of Hong Kong citizens and residents. If the HK parliament does not have the PII data from Hong Kong and GB, it is impossible to verify the true identity of such individuals. The HKP shall register voters prior to the election for a background check. I understand the HK parliament will delete all identities of the voters for their privacy protection but it is counterintuitive. I recommend issuing voter ID in a physical location for verification and referral from known Hongkongers. At least three factors of identity shall be present during the verification. 1) What they are: their picture from a trustworthy public website shows an individual was living in Hong Kong for 7 years (each picture shows a year mark) 2) What they know: The examiner would ask for the details of Hong Kong and area an individual lived during their residency. 3) What they have: Individuals should have a Passport and an ID.  4) What they do: an official record shows such an individual has an activity in Hong Kong 5) Who knows they: have three known Hongkongers to confirm this individual’s identity.

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