Declaration of HKPEOC in Response to Defamatory Allegations

Declaration of HKPEOC in Response to Defamatory Allegations

We, the Hong Kong Parliament Electoral Organizing Committee (HKPEOC), hereby address an issue concerning some recent malicious allegations against the HKPEOC which plausibly give rise to public’s doubts casted upon HKPEOC’s mission.

It has come to our attention that certain individuals have labeled our election plan as a “scam” in the absence of any concrete evidence. In refuting those unsubstantiated allegations, we are taking a firm stance that any, libel, slander, defamatory or unfounded allegations against HKPEOC or our individual member(s) will not be tolerated. We expressly reserve the legal rights to take action against the defamers.

HKPEOC is a non-profit and non-partisan organization established by Hongkongers living overseas for the purpose of facilitating the establishment of ‘Hong Kong Parliament (HKP)’ through universal suffrage. Our mission stems from the principles of representation, unity, and empowerment.

We vow to commit ourselves in serving HongKongers with a goal to recover democracy and self-determination for the community through transparent means.

We are aware of some individuals’ concern since HKP is emerging with a novel concept, especially in the realm of politics. We hereby unequivocally state that those false allegations of our election plan being a “scam” are baseless and unmeritorious. With utmost sincerity, we openly invite those who are doubtful about HKP to constructively engage with us in good faith. Our door is open for dialogue and we are happy to clarify any questions surrounding HKP’s functions.

We understand the importance of trust in any democratic endeavor. As such, we are dedicated to sustain the highest standard of integrity, accountability, and credibility throughout our journey. We hold ourselves accountable to all HongKongers, whether living in or outside Hong Kong.

We stand unwavering in our pursuit of democratic values and the well-being of our fellow Hongkongers. We call upon all HongKongers to come forward with a spirit of understanding and mutual respect. Together, we pave the way for a brighter future for Hong Kong.


22th Aug, 2023