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        As Elmer stated, this site needs improvement.

        I have sent messages regarding this site’s improvement, in good faith, to the Editor@HKPEOC. I also alerted to the fact that strange, non-sensical messages are regularly appearing in the forum. However, ALL of my messages have been deleted. As well, no response of any kind was given.

        I suggested that:

        1. The layout of white letterings on a dark background is inappropriate. Many pornographic sites use the same layout. A more suitable layout reflecting the serious nature of this site is black letterings on a light background. It is also easier on the eyes.

        2. The English usage is substandard. For example, in the mission statement found on the homepage, the same word is used twice in the first sentence: “soon-to-be formed” is used with the word “formed”. In the second sentence, the word “instigates” is used when the writer most certainly meant “initiates”.

        I write these comments with the utmost of good faith. As Elmer said, one of the most important missions of HKP is to lobby international governmental organizations to further the cause of self-determination. A high standard of English is essential in acheiving that goal.

        I sincerely hope that some improvements could be made. Gaining an understanding of freedom and democracy entails that we also accept criticisms with humility and introspection. This is our last chance.


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          Dear Di,

          We are deeply grateful for your thoughtful message and insightful suggestions. We’ve noted the disappearance of several messages from the forum today, yours included, and we’re unsure of the cause. We will promptly reach out to our web maintenance service to resolve this issue.

          Regarding the language usage on our site, your concerns align with our own. We are diligently working to enhance the English content, ensuring it reflects the quality and professionalism of our organization. We are currently in a holding pattern, awaiting the upload of the new date by our web maintenance team.

          Once the revised content is in place, our Public Relations team at HKPEOC is planning a comprehensive website overhaul. Our aim is to make the site more informative, engaging, and dynamic, living up to the expectations of our esteemed visitors.

          Your genuine concern, valuable suggestions, and care for the Hong Kong parliament are greatly appreciated.

          Thank you once again.

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            Thank you Moderator Team 1 for your prompt response. My concerns have turned into cautious optimism upon reading your response in form and content.

            I envisage that the improvements you mentioned is likely to coincide with the introduction of the proposed election rules. At that time, expect this site to receive a flurry of inputs. A dynamic, well organized and user friendly site, then, will be of primal importance in advancing the exposure and popularity of the election process.

            (To be continued)

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              (The many paragraphs that I prepared disappeared. Please excuse the appearance of this presentation as I am required to redo what I have written and transmit in bits and pieces)

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                I envisage that the improvements you mentioned is (sic) are … the election process.

                Elmer mentioned that quite a few potential candidates are eagerly awaiting to participate in theb election. To that end, there have been some concerns about the number of seats to be elected. If I may propose a flexible approach such that the number of seats are determined entirely by the number of candidates who participate. A good rule of thumb could be that up to two thirds of the candidates may be elected.

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                  Elmer’s concern for voters’ ID security is valid. Unfortunately, this concern has been highjacked by people with ulterior motives whose aim is to sabotage the election. Disseminating this disproportionate fear to a voting public already predisposed to a selfish sense of self-preservation further adds to the difficulties. Whether unfortunate or justified, steps must be taken to allay this irrational fear. After all, perception is everything on the march towards success.

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                    <p style=”text-align: left;”>One of the major steps to maximize voters’ turnout lies with a demonstration that there is no risk of ID leaks.</p>
                    An effective demonstration could be: Set up several IP addresses only for the sake of the demonstration. Keep sets of this info in secure containers. In a life broadcast, invite senior executives from renowned law or accounting firms or similar organizations, to keep these items for safekeeping within a specified period. At the end of the period, invite the same people to disclose the IP addresses. During the same period before disclosure, invite anyone online to try to uncover these addresses. If attempts are unsuccessful, then ID security is virtually established. Doubtless, CCP operative will still dream up ways to descredit this demonstration, but common sense should prevail. And any such attempts may likely backfire.

                    The important thing is, whatever the steps taken, they must show to an apprehensive voting public that the entire process is secure.

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                      The following issue is likely to be moot. Just in case it is still alive, I would like to bring Elmer’s attention to his oversight on the term “founder” versus “initiator”. I believe the latter term is more appropriate.

                      Let me once again commend you, and others like you who diligently and genuinely devote yourselves to the cause, by saying: “Never…was so much owed by so many to so few”.

                      We have suffered our Dunkirk.

                      We will soon march to the beaches of Normandy.

                      But now, the Battle of Hong Kong has begun.

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