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        The Allies should have been inclusive of Nazi Germany. Luckily they didn’t.

        The Republic of China should have been inclusive of Imperial Japan. Luckily it didn’t.

        The ex-pandemocrats should have been inclusive of the CCP. Unluckily they succeeded.

        Now Hong Kong is dead.

        No one has the right to openly criticize another for his private thoughts, beliefs or associations. But everyone has the right to do so if that someone holds out to be a public figure and is attempting to influence public opinion.

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          Ed Chin publicly holds himself out to be a devout Christian. He has a prayer program every Saturday on his site. He is asking for donations without accounting for them.

          Without the need to debate whether religion is real, the central Christian doctrine is that of one god and no others. Believing in other religions or having anything to do with them is a heresy.

          Ed Chin did just that. He went before the head monk of Tibetan Buddhism for his blessing. Chin repeatedly referred to him as the respected or the enlightened one. That is indeed a heresy for a supposedly devout Christian.



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            Ed Chin is against the successful formation of the HKP.

            As evidenced by his well-publicized interactions with Elmer on four separate YouTube programs, Chin made all attempts to dissuade, discourage, and otherwise discredit HKP and its formation.

            Entities like Chin are not brothers, comrades, or even friends. He is an enemy disguised as a harmless friend. Climbing a mountain with the likes of him, you would be sure to receive a knife in the back.

            We are at war. There is no room for inclusiveness for the enemy. We cannot afford it.


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              <p style=”text-align: left;”>The “dalai lama” hugged extensively a small Indian boy, kissed him on the mouth, asked the boy to suck his tongue, then stuck out his own tongue. That is despicable behaviour. Anywhere else in the civilized world, an adult who does this will be investigated. Any adult is a child predator if found guity.</p>
              Whether anyone has contributed to the Tibetan community has no bearing whatsoever on whether he is a child predator.

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                A convenient criticism made based on non-inclusiveness is the allegation of personal attack.

                A personal attack occurs when a person is ridiculed for his physical features or other characteristics that have no connection to the disputed issues.

                An example of a personal attack  is: Ed Chin has triangular eyes and a mouth and jaw line shaped like a toad. Therefore, he is not to be trusted according to Chinese face-reading theories.

                Criticising what Ed Chin does in public from information that he freely disseminates is fair comment based on an objective observation of facts. That is not a personal attack.

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