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        It is now May 19, 2023. In some eleven days May will draw to a close. It will be June 1 in twelve days. In another month after that 2023 will be half gone. Unless something concrete is shown to the public by June 1, a lot of people will be frustrated and lose interest. Even showing something in an incomplete draft format will be very helpful. Something such as the incomplete draft election rules, or a rough estimate of the number of potential candidates, or an initial plan for the determination of their numbers, or, as I related yesterday, a partial disclosure of the committee members’ information. So many things can be shown without even touching the issue of voters’ ID security.

        Something, anything disclosed will be greatly helpful. It will boost the credibility of the HKP Electoral Committee greatly. One must not forget that this endeavour is unprecedented and hence untested. More must be done and quickly to restore public confidence. Hongkongers stay silent most of the time, as the response to this forum attests. But I am certain that many are anxious to see results, and soon.

        More than a year has past since Elmer introduced the grand idea of bringing the HKP into existence. Although so far the public has not supported it financially, they have done so spiritually and emotionally. Those that have taken upon themselves to bring this dream into reality, the committee members, have a moral obligation to account to the eagerly expecting public. I must say so far that such expectations have not been met.

        It is unreasonable that mid-term, partial or intial disclosures could NOT be made at this point. It will be disheartening indeed if I found myself hearing the devil laughing with delight as this movement gradually dwindles to nothing.

        Let’s show them and see something NOW.

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