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        Sasha Gong and Simon Cheng will appear in Ed Chin’s “conference” on September 2. I am amused but not surprised.

        Will they say something vastly different to Elmer’s position or remain true to Hongkongers and say things that greatly embarrass Chin?

        We shall see. That will be the moment of truth, although I will not hold my breath.

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          Both Gong and Cheng have explicitly stated that they support universal suffrage and Elmer’s struggles.

          I do not see how Gong and Cheng could deviate from that perspective and support the attempts by the “elites” to perpetuate their monopoly on democracy.

          But any thing is possible with an ignorant and selfish populace.

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            In fact, Chin should invite Elmer to his “conference” if Chin wants more YouTube money, which I’m sure he wants. That will make for a very popular event!

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