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        <p style=”text-align: left;”>I do not know Ed Chin. I do not wish to know “him”.</p>
        <p style=”text-align: left;”>At the San Francisco conference yesterday, following Elmer’s justified criticisms of the ex-pandemocrats, Chin attempted his feeble attack on Elmer.</p>
        Yes, the pan-democrats were not totally useless. They did achieve something. They lulled us into a false sense of security. They pretended to fight for our rights and freedoms but retreated at each turn.

        Like the CCP, they are our enemies. Being cowards, they thought the CCP would spare them. They never expected to be holed up. They invited their own fate. They were working for their own gains. It was all a show.

        Chin, stop crying. It won’t help.

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          Hi DI, 對你關於泛民嘅意見我都有同感;香港最大嘅問題係中英談判期間我哋冇左公投,有話係中共威脅用武力收回香港嚇怕左香港人及英國政府!我唔係嗰個時代嘅人,真係好難明白點解佢哋睇住中共做咗咁多衰嘢,例如日日睇住啲浮屍飄過來香港,依然會覺得做殖民地嘅人會差過回歸所謂祖國!香港人嘅祖國喺大清,已亡,主權有待確定!事過境遷,但並唔代表大家已忘記晒,我哋應該反省下,當時係咪有野做得唔好!咁並唔係要怪責任何人,只有反思我地先可以搵到啱嘅做法,當年香港人冇左公投,而家我地要攞返投票權,因此我支持香港議會!泛民雖然好多人都被中共迫害,我都心痛,但都需要反省及接受批評,咁先知點樣做先會為香港好!大家要團結,一齊努力!我哋敵人得一個,就係中共!

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            Hi Lhamo,

            Thank you for replying to my message.

            I commend you on your support for the HKP. This is the only way.

            The ex-democrats’ past is not worth mentioning. However, should they do anything to sabotage our cause, we must do everything possible to stop them. They are not comrades if they continue to do damage. Those who pretend to be your friends while trying to hurt you are most despicable.


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