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        In today’s program, Elmer finally gave the good news!

        The draft election rules and Election Commission rules will be available for public discussions by July 1, 2023!

        Elmer does not disappoint. He is a man of action. But I could tell that some others are just dragging their feet. No problem. In any organization, there needs only a few that really put in the work. Could the ones that simply follow please do not hinder or jeopardize the operation? Making your money is fine.

        Please polish the English usage and grammer, as well as the conflicting designations, on the call for the latest poll. And please make it clear on the heading that it is a call for the latest poll and not something else.

        Thank you.



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          Correction: Not the draft Election Commission rules but the method of voters’ ID protection will be announced by July 1, 2023.


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