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    KOCCP, you strike me as one of the educated and experienced persons that I have had the privilege of encountering here.

    Between the undercover ccp operatives and blind followers, the truth is so often hidden. Anyone could tell that not much enthusiasm is left on this site. This is in striking contrast to the more than ten programs that Ho appears in every week, all monetized. He is very enthusiastic there. Even as chairman, Ho couldn’t care less here.

    In the end, the truth will be known as you said.

    Inaction cannot be postponed indefinitely. People know.

    I do not think Victor Ho will mind though. He would have made his money for a comfortable retirement in Vancouver.  My guess is that he will simply disappear. So would Sasha Gong.

    I would be devastated if Elmer actually cannot carry through with what he said he would. At this point, nothing looks promising. Just look at this site.