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    <p style=”font-weight: 400;”>In relation to the formation of HK Parliament, would like to suggest the following for consideration:</p>

    1. Eligibility to stand for MP election – All Hongkongers living in HK or overseas over 21 years old, regardless of their political stance (pro-independence, pro-UK, pro-USA, etc) but definitely not eligible to members of CCP.
    2. Registration of Voters – If the system is able to give a code (similar to blochchain) to eligible people to vote, it means the system ought to be safer. Should consider setting up a voters’ register allowing the voters to register the code with the Parliament. <u>It’s optional and should not be mandatory</u>. There may be a few topics needed to be passed by referendum in the future. The register will help the committees/legislators to know the voters’ base.
    3. Work to be done by PR Office – There are groups out there not in favor of forming HK Parliament. Good for the Office to liaise with these groups to understand their concern/reasons of opposing and try to lobby/convince/persuade these people. May not be able to gain their support. But, at least hopefully, try to get them not to obstruct/create trouble to the progress in forming the Parliament.
    4. Web Exposure – Liaise with the other KOLs from HK living overseas to seek their open discussions/comments relating to HK Parliament/voting of MPs. More involvements by these people with their subscribers’ base will help to get more public attention.
    5. Pilot Run of Voting – Seek volunteers from overseas to test run voting identifying any weakness or areas to tighten safety measures.