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    To NB:

    I agree that the name of these rules must be changed to reflect the fact that they only apply to the initial election. Please see my earlier messages.

    I also agree that the MP’s duty to draft a constitution must be given in writing. However, I do not believe that it should be contained in these rules. 6.9 (should be section 6(i)) and other portions of these rules should be contained in a separate set of what I refer to as the Electoral Commission rules. Part of the reason is that the HKPEOC will be desolved prior to the initial election and the Electoral Commission will take over. The Electoral Commission should be given exclusive jurisdiction for those tasks, as these rules specified.

    Each individual sentence of these rules is well-written, but collectively they need extensive rearrangements to achieve the parliamentary standards of western democratic jurisdictions.

    That is why I proposed that a clear delineation must be made by way of different sets of rules.

    Another way is to have either the HKPEOC or the Electoral Commission prepare widely publicized papers on the required duty of constitution drafting. Those candidates who pay no attention to it will likely not get elected.