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    Dear Ruby,

    I have responded to your comments in the other message chain entitled:  ASK NOT WHAT HONG KONG CAN DO FOR YOU; ASK WHAT YOU CAN DO FOR HONG KONG. I would appreciate if you could review my response in it.

    I obviously am in total agreement with you that sensitive information must be kept secret. However, the time has come that the Committee MUST provide adequate information on the progress of the election process to maintain public support. We have to admit that, to date, nothing concrete has been disclosed. (I have discussed the specifics of what might be disclosed without compromising the need for secrecy in my other message chains.)

    I have detected a lot of frustrations and resentment in many other comments in Elmer’s show. That is not conducive to the success of HKP’s formation. As the election is slated to be completed by the end of this year, disclosures are vitally needed now to preceed each step of the process.

    A rough draft of the election rules needs to be disclosed to bolster public interests and discussions before candidates are announced. A proposed ratio of elected members versus the number of candidates must be disclosed. The method of upholding voters’ ID security must be confirmed and demonstrated to be effective. All these arrangements must be made known to the public before each of these steps are taken. They should be followrd by other announcements as the election progresses.

    It is very frustrating that Victor Ho, as Chairperson, would not mention, at this late stage, anything whatsoever that is concrete regarding specific arrangements to be taken. I have not mentioned Elmer because I fear that he is facing some frustrations himself due to the lethargy of the Committee.

    I remember vividly that, in one show, when Elmer criticized these other ex-pan-democrats and their respective sidekicks/KOLs for working against HKP’s establisment, Victor quickly stopped Elmer and uttered the antiquated catch-all phrase of “brothers climbing the mountain…etc.”. I shudder at the thought of what that reveals and the damage that it may cause. The biggest damage to the movement is inaction while pretending to be actively involved.

    Thank you.