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    I suppose I spoke too soon, and let me congratulate you on your choice of an imaginative, eye-catching name. However, I must have missed some of the more recent developments, as I could only catch the surname of this most hated figure (and “loved”, for his unintentional title of the “father” of Hong Kong independence) and nothing else. Would you mind telling us what the rest of the name means?

    On the topic of voters’ ID verification, aren’t you concerned for this election’s credibility if anyone could claim to be a Hongkonger and vote without any method of authentication? After all, HKP’s aim is to approach all reputable, duly-elected governmental organizations that could make a real difference. Hence, credibility is paramount.

    Setting up physical voting stations should be a good idea, and one that has been implemented as a common procedure. But, in this instance, what is the assurance that no CCP operatives would jeopardize the security of the procedure by masquerading as volunteers and taking secret recordings of voters’ ID?

    Quite apart from your concerns, I look forward to your concrete suggestions to overcoming these obstacles and other comments.