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    Dear Moderator,

    Thank you for your kind words.

    I sincerely wish that moderators for Team 1 and 2 are not one and the same person or persons. If so, HKPEOC is stronger for it. I need no response from this. Just my personal musing.

    I congratulate you on your observations. History is full of these “characters”, who carry on unchanged today. Foes pretending to be friends. While irritating and obnoxious, they generally can do little harm until or unless a situation presents itself, then their little sabotage scheme may cause a big detrimental effect. Grand schemes have been jeopardized because little attention was paid to them. This is what we have to watch out for. We need to keep our optics clear.

    Who would have thought that those who appeared to have led the fight for democracy are actually against the basis of democracy. Stranger things have not happened and it is horrifying to say the least.

    With very kind regards,