Chu Fung helped drafted the joint declaration.

討論群 主討論群 Chu Fung helped drafted the joint declaration.

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        Chu appeared on Chin’s 2nd program to smear Elmer.

        Chu was part of a bunch of CCP thugs that perpetrated what is known as the joint declaration in the 80’s.

        Elmer must have thought that Chu is rehabilitated, so Chu was invited into the HKPEOC.

        Chu thinks that since HKP is not registered, it is illegal. People could go to jail for that. Chu further said that no government will register any entity named “Parliament”.

        Chu also thinks that the HKPEOC members should be elected. Otherwise, the HKPEOC is illegal.

        Chu is confused over whether any organization should be registered.

        I agree that a political party must be registered. But HKP will not be a political party. What’s more, it has not even been created yet! How does one register a non-existent entity? Should one wait until HKP is formed before registering it?

        I have never heard anyone going to jail, as Chu warned, for operating an entity such as the  HKPEOC where no money changes hands, even if it’s not registered.

        Once a CCP thug, always a CCP thug, I gather.






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