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    13. Some time ago, Elmer and Dr. Gong has had arguments on his show on the topic of Russian-Ukraine conflict. Shortly afterwards, Elmer quickly changed his approach and has since not actively disagreed with Dr. Gong. That is an intelligent approach. Regardless if Dr. Gong is a CCP operative or not, it is very beneficial and a precious opportunity to calmly hear what your opponent is saying. Elmer is giving a demonstration on how to better ourselves by being open-minded to the thoughts of our opponents.

    I hope that all my reasonable suspicions turn out to be false and that despite all this Dr. Gong is completely on the side of our cause. But if not, then it could only be beneficial as we go forward while staying vigilant to what potential damage that could be done by someone who is supposedly on our side, especially by someone so close to the decision making arena.