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    9. It is common knowledge the CCP has infiltrated most, if not all, of the ivy league schools, including Harvard, by proper and improper “donations” to faculties and administration. Given this infiltration, is it reasonable to expect a serious erosion in academic standards and honesty in favour of students from the CCP i.e. PRC?

    10. Would the beginning of CCP infiltration substantially coincide with Dr. Gong’s period of studies at Harvard?

    11. If not mistaken, Dr. Gong expressed strong sentiments of sympathy for Russia. She seemed to say that Russia was forced to enter into a conflict with Ukraine because it has been supporting NATO’s eastward expansion that threatens Russia’s survival. Dr. Gong fell short of approving Russia’s actions but was never heard to say that its actions were an invasion, except that Russia has a special sense of pride, identity, and culture, including music and literature.